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The Role of US Intelligence

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Role of United States Intelligence







The Intelligence Command is part of executive agencies combined with other organizations those together conduct relations with foreign countries. The United States Army Intelligence and Security Command was designed to command the Army, and conduct intelligence, security, and certain operations within the military commanders and national decision makers. or Army command, conducts intelligence, security, and information operations for military commanders and national decision makers. Basis of this special unit of the military are in the United States Army and National Security Agency.  The well known CIA, which stands for Central Intelligence Agency has a  primary mission to collect, analyze, evaluate, and disseminate foreign intelligence in order to assist government policymakers in making decisions related to national security.


     Objectives of the US intelligence Agency include things such as finding information of the President's request or that of the Secretaries or Defense or National Security Council. Intelligence concerns themselves with activities that protect the US from international terrorist and or hostile actions directed to harm the US.









     During Vietnam, one base of the US intelligence agency was in Hawaii. The choice of having this base in Hawaii was a strategic move because it was a place where militaries were being trained and prepared to fight in Vietnam. There was a multitude of men in Hawaii and throughout many attacks, those troops in Hawaii were ready and able to fend off multiple invasions. US Intelligence needed to be in a place where they could have no worries or little worries of such events occurring. This unit's main focus during this time was that to concern them with policy making. In the early years of the war, Intelligence was worried and pessimistic about all aspects of the war. They didn't believe that the French would be able to prevail in Vietnam. By 1964, their feelings changed because the head of the Intelligence Agency and President Johnson came to in an understanding and a way in which in US could take military measures to pursue in Vietnam. Many field operations were made as well as a collaboration of intelligence collections were brought together from those in Washington and all other Intelligence agencies from the US. The final steps were taken by this special unit in about 1967-1968. Today, researchers look back upon the works of the Intelligence agency of the US. After a though evaluation it was prevalent that works Intelligence through of policies were major contributions. This was an imperative part of the US military and hey played an important role within Vietnam.  




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