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Hawaii During Vietnam

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Hawaii During Vietnam


        During Vietnam, many men were part of the 25th Infantry Division, also known as Tropic Lighting. This was a large military unit which was started on October 1, 1941 in Hawaii. Troops involved in the Hawaii divsion were sent there as a pre war training place. The main purpose was to build up the Stregnth of the US Army in anticipation tha the United States would need them to fight in the war.






         By 1965, two thousand two hundred men from the Tropic Lighting unit were part of Vietnam. In the following December, the number of been involved in the Hawaii Division doubled. Due to the success that the 25th Intantry Division had in fending off attacks, the soliders spent more time involved in the Vietnamization Program rather than in combat. Throughout the months of April until June, the Tropic Lightning division participated in allied invasions of Cambodia. In such attacks, the US military was able to retrieve a numerous amount of supplies as well as weapons. After these actions were taken, the war was beginning to finally wind down.









      By December of 1970 the 25th Infantry Division was able to depart and return back to their homes. A total of twenty two Medals of Honor were given to soldiers form Tropic Lightning. This is a higher number than any other division in the war.



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