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Background of Vietnam

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My Postmemory



Have you ever wondered why certain things are just so important to your parents? Something’s stick out to people in such ways that they can't help but to correct them. In this case, the simple idea of brother and sisterly love so to speak had a major influence on my mother’s wishes for her children. Growing up, my mom always made sure that my brothers and I always got along. The idea of siblings fighting is one that exists in every family. However, little did I know that it was my mother’s own childhood that made this simple yet extremely difficult action so important.

     Each summer we swim in my pool in my backyard. My mom always insisted that I as well as my brothers know how to swim. She would always say how she was so happy that we had his bit of knowledge and she was always happy watching my three brothers and I swim, especially together. I remember asking my mom why she ever learned how to swim. Her response was that Grandma and Grandpa never knew either. The only sibling of hers that learned how to swim was her oldest brother, Uncle Joe; whom served in the Vietnam War. She said that she was little and didn't really know that much. She had only known that he served in Hawaii where he learned how to swim. Her other brother, Uncle Gus served as well in Hawaii but rather in the Intelligence Department.

    The fact that two of my uncles were involved in a war didn't really occur to be a big deal t me until I did I dance last year in dancing school where there were soldiers and their wives; the wives receive letters from their loved ones and the agony of them not being there was taking over, until one wife found out that her husband died in the war. After having to play the role of a wife in the dance, I realized how hard it must have been for my mother and my two uncle's wives to live each day without knowing for sure if they're husbands were even alive. This began my interest in learning more about my uncles’ participation in the war.







      Simple ideas as swimming have such a greater meaning knowing that its importance is at such a high stature to my mom. After researching about the intelligence department in particular, I have a much greater respect for my uncles and whole new view of them. My Uncle Gus always was quiet and seemed so boring. I loved him very much but I never knew he was capable of some of the things I read about in the Intelligence Department. For my mother’s sake as well, I try to make sure that she knows that I will forever keep a certain bond with my brothers. She had to grow up for a while without her two older brothers at her side. I get to have three of them always watching over me and I try to be sincere and tell her that I cherish each of them.




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